Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Where is a schattenjager when you need one?

Do you ever wonder about the one to five percent of the world that scientists cannot even fathom? Since the beginning of recorded time there have been stories of animals and substances falling from the sky and other weird phenomenon which confuse those who try to understand it.

Weird instances have been happening all the time. In New York a strong, sweet smell has been haunting Manhattan. Los Angeles has recently been a victim of a weird, blackish goo which forced evacuations of several buildings. A strange humming sound has been heard in the Taos, New Mexico region for years. And even though cattle mutilations may not be the work of aliens, something is killing farmers’ animals with impunity.

Most investigations end soon after they are started with statements like "Boy, that was weird," and talk of such things dies away. Investigations should still continue however. This could be man-made or natural but either way it is worthy of study. The Japanese discovered the phenomenon of belts of wind known as Jet Streams. They put it to "good use" by launching their Fire Balloon attacks in World War II against the American mainland. These phenomena could be harmless or used to hurt us but either way it is happening. Throwing away all the scientific and defense reasons aside; would it not be fun just to find out the mystery behind this world?

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Inka-Wolfy said...

first time I hear about "Schattenjäger" :-). The 'shadow hunters'....
I know a shot of Jägermeister tastes terrible though :-) yuk.