Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Geography Blogs

As I prepare for "important" things today I'll blog what geographical blogs I like.

TDAXP: If you can get past TDAXP's love of charts and "favoritism towards women of beauty" then you can enjoy a great blog. Politics, networks, computer software, geography, and my blogging debut can all be found.

Coming Anarchy: Why do these people dress up like Victorians and what their rivalry with TDAXP is all about no one can ever truly know. I do know; however, is that they have a very geography friendly blog. Posts dealing with the dreaded Delaware v. New Jersey border war, their international travels, Japanese Catholicism and religion in general are absolutely fascinating.

South Dakota Politics and Jim River Report: Want to know what former Senator Tom Daschle and future Vice President John Thune are up to these days? Here is your two stop shop for everything South Dakota. Be sure to read up on these sites as the South Dakota Abortion Law battle heats up.

Iraq the Model: The ground story from a person who is there and not just living in the Palestine Hotel. Exploding mosques and dictators on trial oh my!

GI Korea Blog
: A soldier's point of view of Korea in terms of politics, environment, and life in general. Not just "North Korea is nuts" but a well rounded perspective on South Korea as well.

Afghan Warrior: The view of inside Afghanistan and the Muslim world in general.

Foxholes and Dogtags: Not a geography blog but a project that documents one grunt’s life through boot camp. Well worth the read. Riswan is back from Kosovo for now and has her own daily blog.

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