Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Korea: Are They Worth It?

South and North Korea are remnants of a bygone era. Tens of thousands of Americans and others were killed in the First Korean War, Second Korean War, and periodic border incursions defending South Korea. United States and United Nation troops invading Inchon led by General Douglas MacArthur saved South Korea from certain defeat.

Originally both countries were more or less equal on GDP and other factors. However, North Korea has isolated itself from the rest of the world and is known as the hermit nation. Famine and oppression are the order of the day. While South Korea is now one of the Asian Tigers, democratic, and Christianity is the plurality (if not majority) religion.

North Korea has regressed while South Korea is free and open. What is the West's reward for bleeding for these people? Hatred and despise are its reward. Nearly half of South Korean youths would back North Korea against the United States. Police need to protect a statue of MacArthur at Inchon because South Korean protesters have threatened to bring it down. South Korea's government has the "Sunshine Policy" which orders the arrest of anyone who tells the truth of the horrible situation in North Korea. The policy and North Korean propaganda has allowed communist sympathizers to gain greater strength.

If a Third Korean War breaks out the use of high power weapons like compression bombs and artillery will annihilate any ground formations quickly. It would be best for the United States to withdrawal its remaining troops from Pusan (and the troops "we do not have" at the DMZ) and offer air support in case of hostilities. Aggression on our part should only be considered on our part if Japan, a true ally, is threatened. Maybe forcing South Korea to deal with North Korea completely will make people realize what they are dealing with. Or maybe it will not. Either way, American lives will be safer from horrible decision made by hostile enemies.

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