Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So that's what makes the Arab street upset

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Remember when some people said the Iraq War would cause the Arab street to explode? Well that did not happen; it turns out that cartoons are what upset Arabs.

The geographic structure of the response to the cartoons is interesting. In the Islamic core embassies have been burnt and there have been casualties. In Euroarabia there have been countless street protests. Areas lacking any significant Islamic influence like Canada have seen letters being written to newspapers.

Here's a scorecard of current events:

West: 12 cartoons

Islamists: 4 embassies attacked; one Catholic priest murdered; many protests in the West by Islamists who fled Islamic countries for freedom promising to end freedom; countless violent protests including attacking soldiers helping kids; and creation of a umma-wide flag creation/burning operation.

Even though anyone who knows me knows I'm a rock solid in my religious beliefs; I do not believe in mock the beliefs of others. Saint Paul forbids mocking the belief structure of others in first Corinthians because of the backlash it causes. However, the Islamists have gone way too far. One has to realize that just because someone does something that is "wrong," that does not mean any reaction is acceptable. Catholics have been mocked in the United States yet no one yet has seen a Catholic Taliban burn down art houses or threaten people's lives.

The world is watching the Islamic response. The cartoons basically stated Islam is not a religion of peace. The response from Muslims goes as evidence to back up the cartoon's statement. Nowhere have there been the massive Muslim protests against bombings of civilians or beheadings. God truly is great and cartoons can not affect him. Both Christianity and Islam believe only God can judge, so I say let him and just roll with the punches.

Images of Muhammed are not as taboo as claimed.

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