Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Iraq in Video

Today is a big day for me and the Geography of Catholics in Kansas project. So tomorrow will be a decent post, I promise.

The Iraq war has been highly reported. Images of violence and death have flooded the airwaves. Army friends I know have claimed the media is showing one side of the conflict, a side designed to demoralize the United States.

So I have been asked to support our troops by showing another side of Iraq. These videos below do the job well.

  • The Other Iraq: The Kurds wish to show their thanks to the United States. They are so grateful that they created a whole website of information and videos.
  • Not every terrorist gets their IED day: These terrorist were planting roadside bombs at night. To bad for them they never noticed the gunships.
  • Rock the War: Deuce Four Stryker Brigade released a music video of their time so far in Iraq. Emotion ranges from "Heck yes!" to "tragedy."
  • Is this the way to Armyrillo: It appears the desert has driven our British allies off the deep end. The creators of this video received medals for improving moral throughout the army.
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Dan tdaxp said...

If wondier if the gunship had turned on its light, how close it would have looked, regardless of how close it was.