Monday, March 06, 2006

The Mideast Crazy Zone Report

The area known as the Palestinian Territories (West Bank and Gaza Strip) in Israel has taken two steps towards more violence. However, these steps were not taken by the usual suspects.

The big news story was the attack on the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth. Three Israeli terrorists approached the church dressed as pilgrims, took out fireworks hidden in a baby stroller and tossed them into the church. The attack caused several small fires and set off a series of protests. Hamas, Fatah, and Islamic Jihad have used the attacks to score political points with the international and Christian communities. The terrorists claim "they just want there children back" and to show they are capable parents they... pull a terrorist attack!

Israel's handling of the mess is the true scandal. The reports make it sound like Israel is treating these people with soft, kiddy gloves. In the fourth generational war which Israel is in it must show to the world press that extremists are extremists and will be treated as such or risk losing support from vital allies. Right now Israel shows itself tougher against squatters than Israeli terrorists.

The second piece of news comes of the category of just plain weird. Approximately 97% of all Palestinians are Sunni Muslims and the rest are Christians. That has not stopped a new group calling itself the Higher Shi'ite Council from setting up shop. The puzzlement of Palestinians to a Shia group is best summed up by this quote "A PA security official said he did not understand how a Shi'ite group could operate in the West Bank and Gaza Strip "'where we don't have even one Shi'ite.'" All the Muslims living in the PA-controlled areas are Sunnis."

Both Fatah and Hamas are trying to find out who is backing the group but signs point to Hezbollah and Iran. The main fear is that a Shia group with power could lead to an Iraq like situation of Sunni versus Shia with international interlopers involved.

The march towards violence became skipping and singing towards violence this weekend.

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