Wednesday, November 29, 2006

No-Go Areas of France and the rest of Europe

2011 Update:  Scotland Yard and local Muslims are organizing a radical Islamist effort to establish sharia micronations in London.  These micronations are a threat to not only native Europeans but the majority of Muslims who do not wish to live under an Islamist tyranny.

Note: No-Go Zones are the product of a radical ideology. Catholicgauze denounces all radical ideologies including Nazism and racism. "White Nationalism" is just as bad as Islamic Separatism.

An increasingly commonly thing in European cities is the no-go zone. These are places where the police, medical rescue crews, and other government agents will not venture into. The areas are viewed as just too violent and/or risky to enforce rules. Following the rules of ungoverned spaces, anarchy does not reign for long. A group will enforce their own rule set and the no-go zone will become a microstate.

In France no-go zones are referred to as Zones Urbaines Sensibles (Sensitive Urban Zones).  A few are truly no-go zones while most are just areas where the government is focusing more devlopment and police require special procedures to operate.  A few (NOT ALL of the 751 ZUS, as falsely report in "anti-jihadist blogs," of these zones, primarily around Paris) are under control of radical Islamists. From these no-go zones around Paris and other urban centers, Islamic militants are waging a cultural and sometimes even guerrilla warfare against French police. The police are now taking to the streets in protest against the violence targeted at them in Lyons with police unions claiming there is a civil war against them.

It is important to remember that the Islamist movement in France is small overall.  However, the much larger issue of racial discrimination of French against Muslim ethnic groups feeds into the Islamist movement and non-Islamists will commit violent action in favor of Islamists because it hurts the French rule-of-law.

The rest of Europe is going down a similar path. The United Kingdom is wondering if different groups should be under separate laws. If this were to happen with official approval it would only be a matter of time that political unity would be called into question. Europe, with a dying population and hostile race relations, faces a bleak future.


Dan tdaxp said...

Are the ZUS no-go zones or economic development (tax break) zones? I couldn't tell based on my skimming

Hoodlum said...

Please, give us a break. Your anti-Muslim attitude is no different than the prelevant anti-Catholic prejudice of ole.

Seriously, your campaign of "urban guerrilla warfare" needs some historical perspective. Try comparing it to Baltimore history in the 1850s period. We had riots and real organized mayhem. If the riots that occurred in France the previous summer had happened here, they'd never made our history books. Why? because we had far more that were far worst.

Anyway, I know you'll censor me like a google search and China, but I plan to teach, so getting ignored by the uneducated is something to which I've been working to get accustommed

Catholicgauze said...

ZUS are no-go zones with a teddy bear name.

I have no Muslim attitude (this thanksgiving I enjoyed a night of merriment and football with the Muslim branch of my family). I have an anti-"Anyone who wants to kill Catholicgauze and/or completely destroy Catholicgauze's culture" attitude. Islamic Fascists seek to obtain that and already have killed thousands of Americans to clarify their point.

Were the American riots in Baltimore organized on a national basis? Were no-go area microstates formed? Did priests run guns to other microstate areas? The answer is no. That is why France is different.

Don't worry. Your monument of beliefs will stay.

"but I plan to teach"
Thank you for confirming long held beliefs in me.

Hoodlum said...

Yes to the first question. Baltimore and other nativists gangs routinely coordinated their actions and traveled throughout American to create havoc. Some franchised.

In 1853, cities through American experience rioting whenever Cardini Bedini arrived because they thought he and American prelates were going to take over America.

In 1856, massive rioting occured in Baltimore as Know-Nothings operatives struck against the Democrats and their foreign supporters, basically laying seige to them,thus preventing them from even leaving their homes. Some parts of the city remained ZUS immigrants for years. Real ZUS where trespass meant seriously bodily harm or death.

1857, Marines are used to crush Know-Nothing rioting in Washington that left about a dozen dead.

(There were other riots in New York, Philly,led by Baltimore based know-nothings)

1861- Baltimore thugs engaged and kill 5-6 Union troops during the melee.

Micro-state? Hell, MD was a Know-Nothing state because of their violence of their thugs. Unlike you angst Arab teeny boopers in France, the Baltimore thugs infiltrated and dominate the police.

Granted, there is no evidence that priests or other religious figures were involved with gun running. But, because the Know-Nothings controlled a state, a real state, they had no need for their ministers to run guns.

This is a partial history, because many of the incidents went unremark or recorded because of the chaos of the times.

Catholicgauze said...


Thanks for proving my point. The Know-Nothings were a dangerous fifth-column who will try to establish their own dominance over space; just like the Jihadists. Once again, thanks for agreeing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hoodlum

“1857, Marines are used to crush Know-Nothing rioting in Washington that left about a dozen dead.

1861- Baltimore thugs engaged and kill 5-6 Union troops during the melee”

Looks like we have a blueprint of how to deal with no go zones, now we need the will.

Anonymous said...

American inner cities have been no-go zones for a long time too. The difference is that african-american "youths" do not abide by any rules, it's just sheer random violence and the anarchy of the lowest common denominator. At least Islamicists are not I presume randomly attacking whenever more than three of them gather. But by looking at the us controlled media, you'd think you have to shed a tear for the 'poor disenfranchised youths' (in every day speech: low grade thugs that are being born and fed on FEDERAL tax money.).
Things will only get much worse and one has to feel sorry and concerned about the 'feel-good' and 'color-blind' people. Race is a major issue in the matters of violent crime.

Catholicgauze said...

Not really. These No-Go's are true no-go's for police. Plus, with the exception of a few NOI or in the past Black Panther groups there have not been any even half-hearted attempts to make these vacuums into microstates.

Anonymous said...

As an atheist, I find religion contemptible. I especially dislike the Muslim faith. It is a backward belief system that has no tolerence for differences of opinion. Read the Koran and you will find what I write is true. There is no compromising with Islamists, it is either us or them.

ronwagn said...

Islamic states do not allow the Christians to speak of their religion .It is a serious offense, that can land you in jail for years. You are not allowed to distribute Bibles.

If we allow microstates and Shariah law to govern in the West, we are paving the way for the destruction of our way of life. Christians and secularists and other religionists must fight this trend.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Pipes...neocon Jew loyal to Israel stirring up problems between Christians and Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Freedom does not exist in muslim law. I dislike all religion as it is anti-productive to the human species as a whole. I am fairly tore between wanting to give them the chance to prove they can accept a free modern world, or work toward measures that slow a possible dark ages nightmare. People always give the arguement that some people just like to be told how to think and feel, yet i get the feeling these people have never been oppressed or degraded in the manner the muslim religion is dictated. The worst kind of people are those who don't allow freedom that is so desired by all well minded humans. It's safe to say that many converts to islam are those who feel segregated or dispair in their society, like-wise to any religion. The one key thing i look at is this fact: The muslim people have been forced by repressive imams for so long and so strictly harsh that it may be out of reach to hold faith in their modernization and foreign laws. I just came accross this blog because i was looking for groups of muslims that are taking steps to stop extremism. I cannot find much that is making an impact. Many groups voice negetive opinions of extremism and that islam is peace, but no steps to prevent. Why are there so many protests if someone voices a negetive opinion of islam? This is modern democratic society, this is seperation of church and state. It is due to the fact that we as a people lived through a theocracy and seen how destructive it is. The wording of god in documents was a mistake that the founders would replace if they knew how divese the world would become. If you honestly think we based our constitution on the bible you are mistaken. It was common sense laws that most well minded humans desire. What i mean by well minded are those who have not been opresseed or brainwashed beyond the ability to think for themselves. Propaganda is fed to muslims from very early on and throughout their lives that it is a potential nightmare such as the nazi's but on a much larger scale. I would say to anyone that cares for their loved ones and their future should look how the extremists or so called moderate muslim groups are trying to create a microstate in britain. And yes there have been cases of law enforcement leaving areas because of brutal murders and terrorist threats on their families without their own government supporting them.

Anonymous said...

Muslimgauze makes more sense...

Catholicgauze said...

Muslimgauze was already taken...

Anonymous said...

France hasn't changed since WWII when they ran from the Germans.

Anonymous said...

To Anonoymus on the second comment on Ron Wagner: in the UK..."without their own government supporting them." That is the beginning of problems if the government won't support the police. Instead of coming down with a heavy stick, they skirt away. Why is that? When society needs backbone, we are handed jelly?