Thursday, November 30, 2006

American, British, and Canadian Citizenship Tests

Every year thousands of immigrants take citizenship tests to gain all the benefits a native does. To pass the test one needs to study intensely. The surprising thing is many of the immigrants who pass the test know much more about their new country than many of the native-born citizens.

Catholicgauze invites his readers to try their best to prove their citizenship in their own country and even see if they can defect!

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Ed-Higher-Inside said...

I saw former President Jimmy Carter being interviewed about his newest book:
“Palestine Peace Not Apartheid”.

Israel became a Jewish State less then 50 years ago.

This happened because after World War II the United Nations came up with a plan to help the Jews. The plan was constructed in 1947 and became “law” in 1948.

The United Nations plan partitioned Palestine into two states.

The plan took some of the Palestinian land and gave it to the Jews and called it Israel.

President Carter claimed that his book gives facts about the Jews breaking peace agreements in which the Jews won the Nobel peace price.

Looks like Jimmy sold out the Jews just to sell his lying book.

Sarcastically yours,
A dumb 1968 Vietnam Veteran named Carl

Try it again.
Subject: Soldiers Dieing for Israel

God forbid that the United Nations is not an honestly run club.

Our uninformed young Soldiers are dieing because our government and the news organizations, mostly run by the Jews are assholes and the Jews and government officials want me to talk nice. Baloney.

I’m going to buy the book. I might write you back because I think that most CA soldiers don’t know these facts about Israel.

Most of California’s news outlets and our CA moviemakers and our two CA Senators are Jews so this is why we California’s might not have heard about President Carter’s book?

Oh Oh what is Carl saying, he sounds confused and or wants me to think for myself ?

I’m not like Carl. I don’t read books and I believe what my government says.