Tuesday, August 01, 2006

¿Una Cuba Libre Pronto?

¿Castro está muy enfermo o está recuperando? No sé, pero yo conozco que... things are going to change in Cuba soon.

Fidel Castro has been a trouble some thorn in the side of Americans and democrats worldwide. At first he was seen as a liberator against a corrupt government. However, he quickly turned out to be a leftist monster. Pro-democracy, the religious, union members, and even homosexuals (search for "homosexual" in the article) were common targets for arrest and sometimes even execution. Freedoms were squashed. The era of Castro is the era of refugees. It is no wonder why so many oppose Castro.

Recently Castro went under the knife to stop internal bleeding giving most of his power to his brother Raul Castro. When news of this was released internationally there were celebrations in Miami and calls to break out the cigars in celebration of Fidel's flirting with death.

It is a little too early to celebrate- there is work to do. Bush has stated there are plans in place to aide a post-Castro Cuba. Catholicgauze has his own recommendations:

It is key to help the people and hurt the government as much as possible. I recommend that the embargo be lifted once Fidel is out of the picture and have business setup shop in Cuba. Pro-democracy propaganda (no; that's not a bad thing) should be beamed into the island country. Refugees should be prompted to organize a government network in coordination with democrats on the island. The Soviet Socialist Republics collapsed when people ignored the central government rules and allowed horizontal-control (grassroots). Maybe then the nostalgia times can return (sans the corruption).

While the above is just a standard Catholicgauze rant; I think we can all agree having a real life Hidden Agenda would be horrible and must be avoided at all responsible cost.

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