Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Top Six Military Bases in the World

Navy blogger and geography convert Eddie of Live From the FDNF recently wrote about Foreign Policy's story on the top six United States military bases around the world.

The spatial distribution of the bases is interesting. Two are in former communist countries, one is in a recently hostile country, four are in or very near Asia, and only one is the western hemisphere. The geography of the bases suggests the Middle East area will be the concentration of military action for the time being. The second area of concern is China and Central Asia. A multitude of bases could provide support for operations in that area.

The Cold War era is over and the Foreign Policy article proves it. Bases in Germany are no longer important because the USSR is gone. The only European base on the list is in easy striking distance of the Middle East.

The list is fascinating and feel free to comment about it.

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