Saturday, May 27, 2006


The weekend is the time to loosen up so I thought this Onion story would do the trick.

The United Nations, in an effort to end conflicts world wide, has forced many ethnic minorities to the new multiethnic haven of Ethniklashistan (formerly the West Bank). The hope is that these groups will learn to live in harmony.

The outcome is typical for a UN effort. "Of the more than 500,000 people relocated there so far, approximately 97 percent have responded with violent resistance, swearing oaths of eternal vengeance against U.N. volunteers conducting the forced relocations." New rivalries and alliances are being formed as "Burmese Karen rebels attacked a Tamil settlement. By late afternoon, the Karens were driven back by the Tamils, who were newly armed with Israeli anti-personnel missiles smuggled into the West Bank by Zionist fundamentalists who had allied themselves–some say only as a temporary ruse–with the Tamils."

Even in humor good intentions pave the road to Hell.

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Vicktorya said...

Well, looks like it will work to me! And guess what, some doomsayers will decry it as optimistic. Long may the Flag of Ethniklashistan fly.