Friday, May 19, 2006 Big Meanies? did fix their mapping errors but kept the blacklist going

TDAXP is on the case! contacts Catholicgauze! Check the comments section for the discussion so far
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maps is a joke. The "cartographers" they hired to make their physical world map made mistakes then made more mistakes in an effort to fix the first errors. Embarrassing for Ask to say the least.

Throughout the past few days I have received hits from IP address from So did Ask fix their map problem or reply to concerns? No, they blacklisted Catholicgauze! When one searches for "Geographic Travels with Catholicgauze" or even "Catholicgauze" there are no results which directly lead to this blog! They honor other blogs like TDAXP. Yahoo and Google will show Geographic Travels with Catholicgauze at or very close to the top of “Catholicgauze” searches.

Why Ask? I point out a problem and you try to bury me and leave the problem alone. I really want to like your map service and even stated that. Your behavior of blacklisting users while being kicked around by Google is shocking.

As for blog readers I recommend you view the Great Lakes of the Outback on Ask Maps


Andy said...


My name is Andy Yang and I am the Product Manager for Maps at Sorry for not reaching out to you sooner but things have been quite busy for us here at ASK as we're trying to take on the big guys. First of all thank you very much for your feedback - we appreciate all types of comments both positive and negative. In fact, I find that the negative comments are the best as it points out ways we can improve our product.

Because of your blog post and that of several other people, we are working to address the under water issues in our imagery. That will be launching very shortly and I will send you a personal note as advanced notice once it has. Thank you for pointing out the issue and helping us to improve our product!

On your point of us trying to suppress your voice, that is absolutely not the case. We have never and will never suppress or eliminate sites from our index because they have given us a negative review. Although this is difficult for me to prove to you, we would never risk our reputation as a search engine just to suppress one bad review of our mapping product which is only one of so many products we have at

If you would like to discuss all of this more please feel free to contact me directly. Hopefully I can convince you to give another chance, but if not then thank you again for you comments and please feel free to comment on future launches and we will do our best to address your issues.


Catholicgauze said...


I would be more than happy to discuss the map, offers to help, and my fears about the search engine with you directly if you gave me a way to reach you. If you wish to contact me privately I do have my e-mail address on the main page.

I am glad you appreciate the comments. As I mentioned this is a very original effort and I wish it success.

As for the search engine results I am troubled. I know I could reach my blog directly on Ask before the Maps review. Then I received several hits from IP address from Ask and later the blog was no longer found on search results. It seems very suspicious.

I once worked for a prominent company so I know things can get very busy. I wish you the best, I wish the mapping project the best, and I wish the blog is returned on search results.