Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Moldovan Standoff Over the Presidency

Back in April the fractured pro-European Union, pro-Romanian Moldovan opposition parties rioted against the pro-European Union, pro-Russia Communist Party's heavy-handed victory in the parliamentary election.

The Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin announced he would follow in Putin's footsteps and become the head of the parliament since term limits ended his presidency. It seemed like a cake walk then. The Communists had sixty out of the one hundred-one seats and only needed one extra vote to elect their candidate as president. In the past it was easy to persuade/bribe an opposition member to vote along with the Communists.

That was in the past. The first ballot for president ended up failing sixty to nothing since all opposition members boycotted the election. A second, repeat election has been delayed officially because of an Orthodox holiday but more probably because of fears the opposition will boycott again. If the second vote fails then another popular election for parliament must be held. That scenario is something the Communists fear because of opposition momentum. Added on top of all this is a fracture forming in the Communist Party as democrats begin to leave.

Moldova is a pawn in the European-flank game that is NATO-realm versus the Eurasian Front. Career geostrategists in Moscow, Brussels, and Washington eagerly await word of the June 3rd election... if it is held.

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