Saturday, October 04, 2008

Geography of American Personalities

Place still matters in what sort of person you are. Sure, everyone is different and in a big way the "nature" of your body chemistry/soul is a given. However, "nurture" and cultural upbringing molds a person, attracts like minded people, and kicks out the black sheep.

The Wall Street Journal has an article and interactive map on the geography of personality types. Catholicgauze's upbringing matches that of his home region in being dutiful, self-disciplined, and extroverted.

The spatial patterning is clear. History and present play a big role on the map. Stereotypes of the business-world dominated northeast and the pioneer-past, hardy Midwesterners still ring true. As mentioned above, it is important to remember that people will move to be in liked minded regions thus reinforcing the cultural personality through cultural selection (Hat tip: Geography at About).

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Anonymous said...

Boy, I sure don't fit my region, home or current. I must be way way way more neurotic than my co-workers.--chemteacher