Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fitna: Watch it Online

Normal Geography Blogging to Resume

After Live Leak gives into terrorist threats it has been hard to watch Fitna. The UN Secretary General has denounced it yet no one seems to denounce those who make threats. Wilder's is wrong on his xenophobia. Sheer numbers of Muslims in Europe is nothing to worry about. The radicalism of the very few who can do so much damage is the topic which should be discussed. Freedom is based on equal protection of the law. We may not like all speech, but as long as it does not pose a clear and present threat, we must be tolerant or lose our freedoms.



Anonymous said...

I watched "Fitna" online at this LiNk
not so exciting movie...

Goethe Girl said...

We saw it at this link:

Except for a few scenes, I agree with the previous commenter that there was not much new here. Wilders was trying to make a point about free speech, however.

MDIJim said...

Thanks for making the link available. Those who try to censor statements like this, no matter how ridiculous and racist, only serve to enhance the message. Let it get out there so people can see how stupid it is.