Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Geography and Wine

Wine is one of a few things that can make people ponder about the interrelationships of the world. Think about any fancy bottle of wine you have ever drank. For the bottle to reach you there needed to be a complex network of trade from vineyard to your home. But more importantly as anyone who knows anything about wine would tell you, the wine needed to come from grapes grown in just the right conditions.

The geography of wine has long been a topic of many. The subfield even has its own specialty group in the Association of American Geographers. It has been a college course in many universities. Vineyards even champion their local geography.

Fortunately I have found some resources one may be interested in. Kobrand offers an interactive flash map of wine producing regions world wide. Geology@About.com has a selection of links dealing with soils and geology of wine. The French Wine Guide gives a geographical overview of French wine. There are even webpages dedicated to surveying wine geography.

For the record Catholicgauze hates the taste of wine and all other alcoholic drinks. The pop companies got me hooked at an early age...

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