Friday, February 16, 2007

Every Advance Must be Paid For

My brother has news on our father. There seems to be noticeable improvement. He is still a coma but this good news is relieving after two days of no progress. Some things just tug at my heart however. In the mail today I received a letter from day sent out two days before the heart attack. I will open it with him when I see him again.

But God or Satan (or just random chance) demanded Catholicgauze pay for this sudden jump in dad's health. For the rest of the paragraph play Kansas' Dust in the Wind in your head to "hear" what I heard as I recall my day. I am driving past a winter wonderland on my route back to grad school. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed black things fly past the passenger-side. Before I can figure out what is going on I loose control going 55 miles per hour and spin madly into a snow-banked ditch. I needed to be pulled out and taken to a Wal Mart where two tires were purchased (one for the one that nearly killed me and one for the other which was about to go).

So that was Catholicgauze's day. No geography post for Saturday. I need rest.

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