Sunday, February 04, 2007

Catholicgauze Spoofed

Catholicgauze has been spoofed and cannot stop laughing. Douglas Salguod wrote a story in September entitled "Bloggers Uncover Lebanon War Fraud" which is a pokes fun at geotechnology, bloggers, and geographers.

In the story "[h]undreds of bloggers, posters and blog readers from Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the Palestinian territories, all equipped with GPS-enabled smartphones, handhelds and other information appliances walked to the points on their maps indicating the international border." What we discovered was horrible. While at some points there were obsticals like walls and ditches there were no lines on the ground which are shown on maps. Maps are dirty liars. Maps, the thing geographers love most, are dirty lying monsters!

Catholicgauze was angry saying that there has been a deception played on the whole world. Some took the news much harder. "It's irrefutable; completely, entirely, undeniably irrefutable," said Brent R. Skeeter, Chair and Professor of the Salisbury State University's Department of Geography and Geosciences. "Nothing I've taught for 40 years has been anything but a fraud, a hoax, a sham, a deck of duplicious dupery. It's too late for me to do anything, but maybe the next generation of geographers will take their students on field trips and not just rely on pull-down maps."

With maps now debunked I have nothing to live for. Goodbye cruel world!

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