Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Your Geotechnology Gadgets Want You Dead

A German motorist was driving along safely and properly until he suddenly veered left and ended up on a railroad track. Why? Because his satellite navigation system told him to.

For a while now I and other bloggers have been denouncing people's over reliance on geotechnology gadgets. While they do greatly aid in travel, if one cannot understand spatial relationships (map reading) the chance for error greatly increases. Then you have occasions when people choose their toys over common sense like the German motorist.

What are other reasons to despise geotechnology gadgets? Well, they will gangbang (video) you if put in groups, they are racist (video), and will make you do 240-some U-Turns in 37 miles.

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Jay@Soob said...

GPS units are very handy when hunting or engaged in otherwise wilderness related activites. As far as driving is concerned I've found that Rand McNally provides some rather accurate road maps for a lot less than what a GPS unit will run. And, big bonus here, I won't be enticed to drive into someones livingroom by an electronic voice.