Sunday, January 07, 2007

Catholicgauzes's Resume

The start of a new year means one thing, summer deadlines are soon approaching. Currently I have several applications out their for summer opportunities with government and private groups but Catholicgauze is currently going through a roller coaster ride with bureaucratic inefficiency. So below is Catholicgauze's edited resume to protect my identity. If you know of an opportunity where Catholicgauze can work for a stipend consisting of peanuts let me know! My mother is my first recommendation. :)

Contact: catholicgauze[at]gmai[dot]com
Objective: To obtain meaningful employment doing geographical-related work for the summer whether it be geopolitial, geophysical, geoenvironmental, or etc..

Master's of Arts in Geography (in progress)
GPA: 3.67

Bachelor's of Science in Geography
Minors in Spanish, Political Science, Global Studies
GPA: 3.82 (Magna Cum Laude)


Graduate Teaching Assistant (current employment)
My primary duty as a graduate teaching assistant is to instruct three sections of Environmental Geography Lab. I have to prepare lessons, make quizzes and tests, and answer any questions students have concerning their assignments. The labs themselves are pre-made by the professor but it is my duty to detail and describe the topic and the assignment. After some trial and error I have discovered tying the topic with local problems is the best way to capture the interest of the students. For example I will tie water scarcity with a drought or the Ogallala Aquifer shortage.

National Geographic Society
At National Geographic I was one of nine geography interns for autumn of 2005. I worked with the internet and film library divisions researching possible stories and providing a geographic perspective to new educational material. Other duties include writing news pieces for National Geographic Kid’s News Online and aiding the internet division with the recently completed redesign of the homepage. Finally, I assisted the digital film library with research possible videos to adopt for video of the day on MSN and Yahoo.

Student Technology Fellow
The student technology fellowship program was a merit-awarded employment opportunity for technologically literate students founded by the state of South Dakota. Chosen students were initially required to complete rigorous training in both hardware and software. My primary duties included installing necessary network software, answering and assisting professors with questions concerning software and hardware, and creating educational tools for the classroom. With each professor I taught them useful technological skills and they in turn gave me a greater appreciation of their subject field.

Certified by home state with both hardware and software knowledge
Proficient in Spanish
85+ Words Per Minute typing

Dean's List every semester of full time study during undergraduate studies.
Duel-enrollment student during high school
Graduate in two years; entered college with junior standing
President of Delta Zeta chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon geographical honor society (2004-5)
Award recipient for work done for state's geography convention
Recipient of many department and school scholarships
Full out of state tuition waiver for graduate studies

Association of American Geographers
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
Gamma Theta Upsilon geographical honor society
Golden Key International Honour Society

So that is my resume. Remember, Catholicgauze wants to do geographical work for you! And if you have no opportunities available, you just learned alot about me.


Anonymous said...

First you say that you want "meaningful employment" then you say "no matter how big or small my duties would be." Those two things seem contradictory to me. I would leave off everything after geoenvironmental in the goal statement. And I would call it Objective.

Have you been looking for seasonal positions at usajobs? They'll email you new positions daily.

Your GPA is respectable and a good inclusion.

In general, your employment seems skimpy and I would want more specificity in the tasks you perform. Is environmental geography a three-hour course? I would assume that as a teacher you make quizzes and grade assignments, but did you design the course, or are you teaching from someone else's syllabus. Do you like teaching? It isn't listed as one of your skills, so does that mean you aren't a skilled teacher?

Again, your internship at National Geographic isn't written in an exciting way. "Wrote stories for online news service." Duh. How many stories did you write? Did you rewrite newscopy, or did you do research? Can you include links to hte stories? What do you mean by "tested products with public with surveys" (not well-written). What's an administrative duty? You were an intern, so what were you administering?

"Extremely hard worker" is an example of trying too hard.

Are you going to mention the blog?

Do you have any honors beyond academic ones? What does "certified by home state" mean? Is it really that exciting to get an "out of state tuition waiver"? If so, explain that to me--is it a scholarship based on something?

Catholicgauze said...

Thanks for the advice Jude. The resume was edited for the blog and not as full as my "offical" resume. I did add on my full work descriptions. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to get carried away. I used to do this as part of my job working at a college--I critiqued resumes--so the old critic crawled out. Thanks for letting me comment (and not deleting it!)

Catholicgauze said...

No harm and I appreciate your effort. I rather have realistic constructive criticism than unwarranted praise. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Do you want to be paid ;-)

We always have room for more unpaid interns and we are moving to a new building this summer, so if you like to carry things...

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of your academic achievements, that obviously does not come without great effort. (A fine example for this former college dropout.)