Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bearings: A Geographer's Blog

Link fixed!

A recent comment has led me to Bearings: A Geographer's Blog. The blog is "an exploration of our culture, and how humans impact the surrounding environment. This is not an eco-blog, or a policy blog. It simply looks at the landscape around us, interprets its history, and offers commentary on the built environment — in all its beauty and ephemerality."

I can sum it up as what would a blog by J.B. Jackson or Terry Jordan (I mean this as a compliment, to some geographers a comparison to TJ are fighting words) would be like.

The author, Jon, is a fellow National Geographic alum and has written for other publications. Some of his work is available online.

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Jonathan Haeber said...

You are too kind :-). I'm following your blog via RSS now, and should be commenting here and there in the future.