Saturday, December 30, 2006

Video of Saddam Hussein Being Executed

UPDATE: Further discussion here.


After several requests and debate on whether or not to show it, it has been decided the video of Saddam Hussein's legal execution by the government of the Republic of Iraq has geographical merrit and warrants mentioning. In the first few days of January I shall blog about the significance of this event to the Mideast and the rest of the world.


Anonymous said...

Finnally someone has the balls to show that bastard being hung however it's so pathetic that now the media is making him look like a pitiful character. They show horrible images of the holocost on the History Channel etc why not plaster this all over the place? Let the bastard be shown, think of all the horrible things he and his lovely Sons did to people then do your liberal boo hoo, boo hoo hoo a little later. Do I think his death makes a positive difference, no, I think it will open the flood gates of hell on Earth... beware Brothers, there's more to come from that side of the Earth right to our doors. Pray for forgiveness for all of us!

porky said...

i think the bastard got what he had coming!! they should have shot him when he was first located. that would still be too good for him, they should make him suffer like all the people he killed in the past. good for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, get the rest of the commies and hang them too!!!!

Adrian said...

While I agree with your decision to post the video, I am not sure about your decision to call it legal (I mean I'm honestly not sure, I'm not just sounding pompous (; ). This article in the New York Times says that his hanging wasn't quite legal, due to a law banning executions in the month of Id. Under the rule of law, the ends should not dictate the means, which is definitely the perception here.

I also agree with this quote from the article:

"...those who conducted it had allowed it to deteriorate into a sectarian free-for-all that had the effect, on the video recordings, of making Mr. Hussein, a mass murderer, appear dignified and restrained, and his executioners, representing Shiites who were his principal victims, seem like bullying street thugs."

Anonymous said...

what happened to compassion for your fellow man. It is a sad day when people feel pleasure upon seeing one individual suffer. what about the crimes against humanity committed by bush and blair. maybe saddam was wrong but that does not justify revenge. evil is evil and by taking evil away, it does not gurantee the preservation of good. can we honestly say, that any good has been acheived through the execeution of saddam? surely not.

Catholicgauze said...

Thanks for your comment. Iraqi law forbids executions on Islamic holy days. However, since days in the Islamic calendar begin at sunrise and Saddam was executed before sunrise under a guilty verdict done by a recognized court: the execution is considered legal.
As for the NY Times story, Sunnis, Shia, and Kurds have already have their pre-made opinions on the video so I doubt there is little importance on what some people think.

(Second) Anonymous,
"what happened to compassion for your fellow man. It is a sad day when people feel pleasure upon seeing one individual suffer." I never stated pleasure in his death. In fact I prayed for his converstion.

"maybe saddam was wrong but that does not justify revenge."
There is a justice system just for that. Saddam was more than wrong he was evil. I do not know God's plan for him and will not even guess where his soul has ended up. However, in this world when one breaks Caesar's law then the mortal self must pay a price.

For those interested in the moral debate on captial punishment I recommend these two sources:

The Catholic Church is against the death penalty unless it is the only way to defend the public from a grave threat. Make your own decision on the issue.

Anonymous said...

That video is very badly shown it should of been filmed properly to show wat happened in better detail although its harsh he deserved wat he got but do you really think its right plce is all over the net?? like he was a right little basterd but still!.. a sure look what can you do now just get on locatind binladen and do the victims of 9/11 justice!!

bulldog said...

thank fuck the bastard is ded hahahaha i think he died to quick i would ov chopped of his fingers an toes first let him feel sum pain then i would ov beheaded the twat lmfdgao the footage on the phone was superb its just a shame it wasnt a camcorder lmao only 1 left now bin ladden anyway happy new year everybody we will have a good year now lol biggup 2007

Anonymous said...

Some of you should get your facts straight. The whole discussion about the lawfulness of the hanging are weird, and based on nothing short of speculative nonsense. The idiot who stated that the hanging was justified under Islamic law, and because the execution took place during pre-dawn hours, is flatly mislead.

The holy days refer to periods of time, not the time when the sun rises.

Catholicgauze said...

Thanks for commenting. Several things, hanging is allowed under Sharia, just look at Saudi Arabia and Iran. Secondly, the holy day of "Eid" is just that, a holy DAY.
Finally, why do you think fellow Catholic blogger TDAXP is a Stealth Jew[1]?


Anonymous said...

Can i just remind everyone here, that you can f and blind about him all you want. But two wrongs don't make a right, how is killing a man going to put right what he's done wrong?

Saying that, i'm not ignorant of the fact that if he hadn't been executed he would've escaped, and for that reason i'm glad it was done.

Second of all, can i bring your attention to the irony of this whole sorry mess. America was the country that gave Saddam his power in the first place! They gave him bombs and weapons, a 'how to become a dictator in a day' kit if you will. What did they expect him to do, throw them all away and declare world peace?!

I'm not blaming America entirely, obviously Saddam was an evil dictator, but the US government aren't exactly whiter than white themselves.

Catholicgauze said...

1. The hanging was not only punishment but also prevention. On the punishment side do you favor the hanging of Nazis after WWII? If so, then to oppose Saddam's hanging would be hypocritical. If you oppose the hanging of Nazis then at least you are consistent.
Now imagine that Saddam was sentenced to life in prison. It would be very likely for the Baathists to take hostages like school children (terrorists have done it before) and demand his relase. Would you let the monster go proving the justice system cannot be trusted or would you let the kids die?

2. The US did not "put Saddam in power." He seized power from other Baathists who in turn overthrew the monarchy. Saddam received weapons from the US to fight Iran but he received more weapons from France and the USSR.

Anonymous said...

is it for real?h

Anonymous said...

'Now imagine that Saddam was sentenced to life in prison. It would be very likely for the Baathists to take hostages like school children (terrorists have done it before) and demand his relase.'

Nah, Saddam was all washed up, he was hiding in a hole when they found him for christs sake, hardly a place to keep a 'great man of power', as his followers saw him.

If you ask me, the papers have made a bit of a martyr out of Saddam.