Thursday, December 28, 2006

Areography: The Geography of Mars

I have long believed the study of other planets was well within geography. I see geography as being the study of things spatially rather than "to write about the Earth"and only the Earth as a literal definition would have us believe.

Areography, the geography of Mars, is one of my interests which I know very little of. Up until now the only thing on the internet of use to areographers was Google Mars. However, Dr. Christine M. Rodrigue, professor of geography at California State University at Long Beach, will be offering a course in areography and is placing her note outline on the internet. Of particular use are the reference sections. Thanks Dr. Rodrigue!


Anonymous said...

I personally know Catholicgauze - a great guy with am amazing resume'. I think someone should give this energetic geographer a summer internship.

Mom of Catholicgauze

David said...

Thank you so much for making this post and pointing me in the direction of such an interesting link.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks