Sunday, December 10, 2006

The 357 Wonders of America

The Seven Wonders of the World and the Seven New Wonders are in the news right now. To add on the "Seven Wonders" excitement is "7 Wonders of the U.S.A." Each state and the District of Columbia is given its own page with a Google Map mashup and information on each wonder. Certainly worth a look. What's your favorite "wonder" in America?

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Anonymous said...

those familiar with the geography of the u.s. south, appalachia, and west virginia in particular will notice that one of the seven WV state wonders is actually located in charleston, S.C., not charleston,WV.

oh well, we're just glad to have any "wonders" at all. a little perplexed that the mystery hole didn't make the list, however.