Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Changing Map of Europe from World War I to the Post-Cold War Era

Check out States and Nation States for static historic maps of Europe

Earlier I mentioned how the Last Express had the best closing credits ever. Well now I have the video capture to back it up. I had to compress the video a little bit for YouTube but one can see most of the action. The border changes are not only political but also de facto (Germany gains much of upper Europe during World War II; Algeria is fractured during the War for Indepedence; and do not even get me started about the Bosnian War). There is a sort of sadness as one sees the political shape of European countries changing. The many groups of people who were left behind, lost, and killed during this time frame touches me deeply. The maps are a means to remind me of these sad facts.

The move goes well with my States and Nation States post on Europe. For a somewhat larger but not clearer version of the video click here. If you want a lossless version (great quailty at 300 Mbs; contact me)

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Dan tdaxp said...

Beautiful. And incredibly sad.

Anonymous said...

I love that game so much, and you're right: they are the best closing credits ever. Listening to that wonderful music again made me think of all those memorable scenes from the game.

If ever a game deserved a sequel, it was that one. They could have put Robert Cath in some situation during WWl and had him meet up with Herr Schmidt again.

Alas, I guess it will never happen now.

Dan tdaxp said...

I just found out the composer for The Last Express OST is Elia Cmiral, a Czech