Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Irish Emigration Shows History is Not Dead, Emigration and Immigration Still Can Change Demography

It has rebounded a bit but the lower base is disturbing.  Without jobs this small base will seek employment elsewhere.
One person emigrates from Ireland every six minutes.  The main driver of emigration is unemployment which is especially high (33%) among young adults.  Meanwhile, Ireland's labor market is full of jobs which European Union open border policies allow for Eastern Europeans to be employed at much lower wages.  Ireland's poor economy, general demographic decline to decreasing birthrates, and outflow of ethnic natives with inflow of foreigners is changing the country.  It is no longer the stereotypical Catholic republic of seventy-five years ago.

The same changes hold true for Belgium where up to a quarter of the country is non-native, a London where ethnic English are the minority, and Persian Gulf countries where Christians make the largest religious group.  Those who think previous demographic profiles will continue in the future are fools.  History is not dead.  Migration does impact demographics.  Just as borders change, so do countries makeup.

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