Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Arctic Ocean Ice Cover Grows by 60% Compared to 2012, Still on Downward Trend

Climate science and politics has become a race to stupidity by both sides.  The loudest voices of doom dominate the environmentalists while the absolute deniers are the loudest voice on the skeptics side.

Today's example is Arctic Ocean ice cover growing by sixty percent compared to 2012.  Great news on the surface.  It certainly proves false doom sayers who claimed the Arctic Ocean would be ice free in 2013.

From Daily Mail
However, the Guardian (who has played fast and loose with climate science before but not this time) points out that this sixty percent still is part of an overall decline.

From The Guardian

Now there is an overall "pause" (or if you see it as a "cessation") in global warming that was not foreseen in modelling.  It remains to be seen whether or not this large growth in sea ice actually means something or is merely a short-term bounce.  While it cannot be simply dismissed it is foolish to declare the problem over.  Scientist will be trying to figure out exactly what and why is going for a long time.

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