Thursday, September 13, 2012

Geographic Travels Geo-Literacy Outreach Awards Submission: Geo-Literacy Teacher Training Plan

The third entry for the Geographic Travels Geo-Literacy Outreach Awards has been officially submitted.  Iain Burns, a Geo-Literacy Coach at the Scoil Ide of Limerick, Ireland, has proposed his effort to expand Geo-Literacy at Scoil Ide and make it a leader of geo-literacy at Ireland.
Feel free to comment on the proposal and let the board know what you think!

And remember, you still have time to apply for the $500 in awards for promoting Geo-Literacy! 

Definition of Geography:

The ability to understand and interact in an interconnected world.

What our project is and how it will be accomplished:

Our target is the Integration of literacy into other subject areas to improve learning outcomes in reading and ease time pressure on curriculum implementation. Our tasks are to Develop in the teachers the skills necessary to teach Geo-literacy:

2012/2013: Train 1 teacher per standard in the methodology and background research.
2013/2014: Expand the training in year 2 to all staff.
2014/2015: Full implementation of Geo-literacy as a part of the Scoil Ide Literacy Plan in all classes.

The development of additional lessons if required.

1)      Head Teacher: Overall planning, implementation, provision of resources and assessment of success.
2)      Deputy Head Teacher: As above and organisation of timetabling to allow for planning and training of staff.
3)      Iain Burns: Ongoing research, conduct the training programme including co-teaching. Assess the success of the programme.
4)      Pilot Teachers: Work with Iain Burns in developing the methodologies and approaches required. Engage in evaluation meetings with Iain and ajustments to programme if required.
5)      Teachers: Engage in the training programme and the full implementationof  Geo-literacy
6)      B.O.M. Allocation of funding as required.

Explain how your project will be useful in promoting Geo-Literacy:

Every student in the school will get the opportunity to experience Geo-Literacy.  Peer to peer tutoring, group work, investigative work, active learning will be some of the methodologies used in order for children to promote Geo-Literacy themselves.

The Project's Afterlife:

That Geo-literacy will be apart of everyday learning and experience of the children.  That the children will ultimately make Geo-Literacy a part of their everyday life.  That the Geo-Literacy programme is fully implemented into all classes by 2014.  That Scoil Ide become a leader in the promotion of Geo-Literacy, countrywide.

Also enclosed was a term lesson plan viewable here 

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