Monday, March 19, 2012

#Assad2012 Movie

This is what I was hoping would start because of the #KONY2012 movement.  An #Assad2012 movie based on the civil war in Syria.

Besides stopping Assad I hope to see many more dictators and warlords exposed through his mass new media campaign.


P.P.A. said...

More than yet increasing the pressure on the Syrian regime which Western media have been fuelling for a year might be to pressure certain governments (France, Turkey, Israel, the USA) to cease their funding, arming, and training of armed rebel groups. The only reason the situation in Syria escalated is not because an evil, evil dictator is massacring the poor, helpless opposition, but because armed fighters have been brought into the country and are engaging government troops in what is becoming a civil war, all while our media focus only on Assad and demand that he stop the violence of his side only. That this would equate a capitulation and allow dangerous bands of fighters to take over the country is ignored, as is the fact that maybe the army would not have a need to shell and bombard populated civilian areas if they were not being abused as a hideout by rebel fighters.
It ought to be added that the real Syrian opposition is being ignored throughout all of this, which opposes both the regime and this foreign-backed war against it, considering such an escalation of the situation to only tighten the grip of the government, a fear proven true.
I doubt videos of this sort do any good. There is no “good” and “evil” in the world, only different kinds of evil; to paint it black and white equals propaganda and delusion, one needs to learn how to discern the various shades of grey and darker grey instead.

Catholicgauze said...


Assad has to leave and pay for his crimes. The Islamists and Lebanese/Iraq al Qaeda should not seize power either. This all started when Assad's father started killing his own people decades ago.

P.P.A. said...

Make no mistake, I dislike Assad as well, and hope he leaves soon. But if he departs now, while all these people are in the country—armed and causing mayhem—, then there can be no peaceful transition to a post-Assad society, but only chaos and civil war filling the power vacuum left behind by the tyrant.
The violence needs to stop before Assad can leave, but in order for that to happen, the foreign fighters and extremists must stop spreading the war to more and more regions, and giving the army a pretext to continue its campaigns.