Sunday, August 01, 2010

Exploring Russia with RT's Travel Videos

The semi-official Russia television channel RT (formerly Russia Today) has a series of videos about various parts of Russia. The combination of environment, history, and culture give the videos the feeling of Rick Steves or Michael Palin. The travel series are Russia Close-Up, Wayfarer, and Russia's Golden Ring: A Journey in Time.

One can navigate the various episodes using the calendar though it is somewhat user unfriendly. Another option is to go to RT's Youtube page and use the search option for the shows.

An episode of each series is shown in the videos below.

Russia's Golden Ring looks at the UNESCO historical town of Vladimir

Wayfarer visits the western Ural city of Izhevsk.

Russia Close-Up visits the Orthodox monks on Valaam Island

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Dan tdaxp said...


For sheer interestingness, nothing beats The Vice Travel Guide: North Korea.