Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dimensions: BBC's Spatial Overlay Website

Remember overlaying the Gulf of Mexico oil spill or a nuclear attack on any given point on Earth?  These layers help one better understand just how big something is.  We were told the spill was large but we only comprehended it after we centered it over our homes.  To modify a Stalin quote:  1,000 square miles is only a statistic.

Now the British Broadcasting Corporation has created the website Dimensions.  The site overlays a wide arrange of subjects on Google Earth.  Categories include The War on Terror, Space, Depths, Ancient Worlds, Environmental Disasters, Festivals and Spectacles, the Industrial Age, the Battle of Britain, and Cities in History.  My favorites include the Pakistan flood zone and the Moon (which has a very small parameter). (Hat tip: Tisha Oehmen)

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Ryan said...

Those Brits have some darn good ideas.