Sunday, May 11, 2008

Snake Eatergauze: Prologue

Previously on Catholicgauze's Iraq Training

Doctor: Now let me give you shots to make you immune to every disease ever. Pleasant dreams...
That night in the hotel room
Catholicgauze: NIGHTMARES!!!

Trainer: Now its time to train you for interrogations. And by train I mean beat the living bejebus out of you.
Catholicgauze: Wha... *whack* my nose!!!

Field Range Contractor: The last shot at 300 meters was a miss.
Catholicgauze: No it wasn't. I hit him in the right ear.
FRC: That doesn't count.
CG: What do you mean that doesn't count? If I had my ear blown off I would be too busy screaming and hold what ever is left to fight!

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Dan tdaxp said...

Nightmares, surprise beatings, arbitrary grading criteria -- are you sure you haven't just gone back to grad school? :-)