Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Map of Arab Investments in the United States

Conde Nast has a flash map of big investments by Arab companies in American businesses. Not surprisingly the United Arab Emirates leads the way with Saudi Arabia close behind in big deals. Clicking on the Deals tab reveals the increase in investments by Arab companies. Industry, media, and technology sectors have experienced more deals even though banking deals get more media attention.

The map shows how globalization is works both ways. Originally U.S. or European companies invested in or created branches in less developed countries. Now with the rise of foreign markets especially with the rise of oil prices, foreign companies can invest in the first world.

This is nothing new. The 1980s saw a large anti-Japanese feeling in the United States because the rise of its economy and investments in the United States. China is going through the same thing right now in part because of its investments in the United States.

As the world becomes more globalized expect more deals like this to happen. While there are real risks that need to be monitored like terrorist infiltration, these deals should be seen as a perfectly acceptable norm within a generation.

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