Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 Interactive Primary Map

The Iowa Caucus is on its way! January 3rd is marked on many politicos' calenders. However, after that the dates of various primaries is confusing with many states changing dates. This problem can be solved with PBS' interactive primary map. By moving the cursor over a state one can see when both the Republican and Democratic vote dates are. Or, one can pick a date to see which states vote then. Fast Fact: South Dakota votes last on June 3rd (yet those in the southeastern part of the state have been seeing Iowa-aimed ads for months.


Deaner said...

Isn't Ohio trying to get their primary moved up to January?

Anonymous said...

no, no no! puerto rico votes last... june ninth i think. im glad puerto rico has a vote in this, its easy to forget about the territories. thanks for the map.