Saturday, December 08, 2007

2007 United Nations Climate Change Conference

Bali, Indonesia is currently hosting another climate change convention by the United Nations. The 2007 United Nations Climate Change Conference (official website) will discuss latest developments in climate change and possible successors to the Kyoto Treaty.

Not discussed in most of the media are three things. The first is the environmental damage being done. The relocation of government officials and environmentalists is outputting the equivalent of 20,000 cars. Sure one has to burn carbon credits to save carbon credits (?) but couldn't we have a teleconference instead? Secondly, some dissenters are not allowed to present or be in the press. Thirdly, the blame game. The People's Republic of China, the biggest polluter of CO2 in the world, wants other countries to pay up and not itself.

A world problem should rationally be handled by the world.


subadei said...

But wait, there's more!
The "black balling" goes beyond members of the media and includes scientists (or heretics, perhaps) critical of the theory.

Kilgoretrout said...

What is this,
a news item or propaganda against the Global warming?

* If you videoconference hunderds of people together (if possible) it is also not exactly carbon-neutral. Besides this is an argument thast will to stop every act of coorporation.

* I'm sure enough environmentalist newsgroups who are as biased as this one are also refused. The voice of climatesceptics is still much stonger than it should be if you count how small the number of scientists in that group is.

* This one is the most insane argument. In all media there is info about the position of China on global warming. An issue to complicated to push away in this way. Every country tries to let other countries pay most. I also don't like Chinese politics but they sure have a point. China is a big polluter but, China also has about 1/5th of the world population. If you calculate the amount an average citizen claims from the planet (like ecological footprint does), the US is still by far the most guilty party.

So far I really liked this blog, but please look at both sides of the story on important issues like this one. it is good to be critical and skeptical, but this is just repeating your republican propanda.
Messages like this are exactly the reason the US are so hated in Europe.

Catholicgauze said...

Thanks for the comment.

1) Still may not be "carbon-neutral" but it is a heck of a lot better.

2) "climatesceptics"? There is a reasonable debate with more than two sides. It is dynamic and should be thought as such.

3) The distrubtion of China's energy use and output isn't equal at all. Plus, every country should carry its own weight.

4) "republican propaganda"? Like the UN chief badmouthing the country while he flies all over the world for a Music concert?

Anonymous said...

The U.N. should be seen as a prototype of the future World Socialist Government that the left dreams about. The role of the U.N. is to consume the resources of capitalist countries in order to feed and preserve inefficient dictatorships and failed states worldwide.