Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lebanon's 2007 Presidential Election Spells Trouble

Trouble is on the horizon in Lebanon. Sometime between now and November 24th the parliament is suppose to elect a new president to replace the pro-Syrian Emile Lahoud. The parliament is just barely pro-West, anti-Syrian but probable election fraud, assassinations, and "stunts" have all taken their toll on the March 14th Coalition. March 14th can elect their own candidate but Hezbollah and their ilk have vowed violence if a "consensus candidate" (read: one who will let the terrorist organization operate freely and not harm Syrian interests) is not chosen.

Lebanon's religious leaders and foreign players are trying to avoid conflict by giving into the demands for a consensus candidate but an old personal friend in the know tells me everyone is preparing for violence. We should know the outcome in a week.

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