Monday, November 05, 2007

Italy Expels Roma (Gypsies)

Europe is no stranger to expulsions, just ask anyone who knows European Jewish history. However, since the end of World War II and the rise of European supernationalism one would think the days of expulsion were over. The European Union allows citizens to move freely from country to country.

That law is being put to the test in Italy. Romania joined the European Union this year and so far over half a million Romanians, mostly Roma (Gypsies), have migrated to Italy. While some Roma are trying to intergrate into the popular culture, there is a visible element engaged in various crimes. Recently a navy officer's wife was killed by a Romanian Roma and this has provided the match for a long set fuse against an immigrant group which refuses to assimilate. Italy has begun expeling the European citizen Roma and is pushing for greater legal authority.

The move by the Democratic Party (the ruling socialist party newly formed by the Democrats of the Left and their allies) followes other European leftist and center-left parties becoming tougher on crime. However, this is the first time a major left party has threatened the supremeacy of the European Union.


Simon.E said...

First of all, the Roma gypsies do not represent the Romanian people. Many (if not most) have chosen to live a nomadic life on the fringes of the Romanian society for generations stealing, robbing, killing, and doing all the things that the Italians (rightfully so), are fed up with.

There are the other Gypsies you don't read about because although they hold on to their gypsy traditions, they are law biding citizens, working, paying taxes, and contributing to society. In Italy, you see them as street performers mainly. In Romania, they were craftsmen, musicians, fortune tellers, etc. They minded their own business, were respectful, and were "interesting" neighbors to have.

The Roma gypsies that SHOULD be expelled from Italy, are NOT the law biding gypsies, but the criminal outcasts who migrated from Romania (and other Balkan countries) to Italy because Italy's prisons and prison sentences are far more lenient than the Romanian ones. Esentially, they went where they can get away with crimes and not have to suffer the stiff legal cosequences they would in Romania.

Why don't they move to Germany or France? Because Germany and France don't allow nomad camps...Italy and Spain do. Therefore they became targets of nomad gypsies who prefer to rob and steal and beg and live in filthy camps than earn an honest living and integrate in society. The REAL Romanian people went to Italy and worked hard (either worked legally or illigally, but they didn't rob or steal). Now these gypsies tarnished the Romanian reputation with their dispicable acts.

It's about TIME Italy got rid of these wandering parasites. And by the way, I AM Romanian. And Romanians have been victims of criminal gypsies too. Italy is a kind one should take advantage of its welcoming and generosity. Anyone who goes there and commits crime and prefers to live illigally as outcasts should be deported.

It irks me when non-informed people call t "ethnic cleansing", when it should be called "criminal cleansing".


Anonymous said...

I agree that only the lawless ones should be dealt with or deported. It is interesting that the gypsies began their long migration towards Europe beginning with the Islamic invasions of India. They are the ones who refused to convert to Islam or submit. Dr. Bostoms book "The Legacy of Jihad" has a great article from K.S. Lal "Muslims invade India."
I also believe, as a Greek American, that the EU countries have the right to regulate who comes across their borders. They have the right to protect their borders, language and culture. Afterall, they are still individual nations and not states like the USA(Michael Savage)