Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Geography and Being Single in America

Sigh... To "celebrate" Unmarried and Single Americans Week the US Census has released data concerning the unmarried in America. Facts like 41 percent of all U.S. residents age 18 and older makes the unmarried a large demographic. Some of the data is interesting and some just plan sad. (Hat Tip: Geography@About.com)

Meanwhile, MSN gives the top cities for singles to date in the United States. Catholicgauze recommends Washington D.C. The reason is because the city is filled with people who were at Boys/Girls State while they should have been dating in high school. By just wearing my red Washington Nationals cap I meet a staffer who was "interesting" and we will leave it at that.

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Anonymous said...

DC's fine up until you hit 25...then it's slim pickings.

Sandwich Repairman said...

Agreed. DC is full of highly educated, ambitious, firstborn Type A people. Culturally it's a really buttoned down city, and people are often strutting to show themselves off to others. Power and perception go with politics... But as far as dating, it's pretty superficial. DC folks are focused on their careers (power, money, etc.) and often plan to leave the city in the near future--lots of people go there, but few ever think of it as home.

Too bad similar Canadian data wasn't released at the same time.