Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Placing Literature: Crowd Source Mapping Where Books Take Place

Placing Literature is an effort to crowd source map where books take place.  So far over 1,074 places have been mapped.  One can use social media tricks like gamification to "check-in" to places and compete against others.

Quick Note:  Who knew Duluth, Minnesota is so popular in literature?


Unknown said...

I looked closer at Duluth, MN. There are only about 3 books written in Duluth, according to the titles shown. However, there seems like more because of the number of book symbols on the map. Something must have gone wrong with the data.

GeoGirl said...

Hello! There are actually five books set in the Twin Ports of Duluth-Superior. Of our five books, three are set in Duluth, at least in part. One is set all around Lake Superior (and starts in Superior) and one book is all short stories based in Superior.

Duluth was one of our pilot studies. I wanted to see if the different cultures between the two cities would be reflected in the literature.

Of those books, there are lots of places reflected. There are way more than three books set in Duluth, but we only read five for the first part of the project. If you know more places, please add them.

Thanks for talking about us!
Katie from the Placing Literature team