Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Statoid: Census Data and More for Administrative Divisions

Periodically my research requires me to look up various demographic and geographic information of various countries. For national level data the CIA World Factbook and the United State Census Bureau's International Data Base answer most questions. However, many times I need data relating to primary or secondary administrative districts. It is especially difficult with third world countries to find province and district level demographic and geographic data.

The website Statoids fortunately fills this gap. Statoids combines various censuses with other geographic data to create webpages filled with information on primary and secondary administrative districts. Check out Yemen's primary administrative divisions or Rwanda's secondary for prime examples. The addition of historical background on the administrative district helps one get a better understanding of the federal (or lack there of) nature of each country. Statoids is a great research tool for those who need subnational demographic and geographic data.

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