Saturday, May 30, 2009

Marree Man: World's Biggest Geoglyph Mystery

Geoglyphs have an aurora of mystery around them. The wondering of who and why some were built has been a riddle for many. The fact that many can only be viewed from the air have only added to the mystery of the geoglyphs.

Marree Man is the world's biggest geoglyph and one of the newest. Discovered in 1998 in Australia's Outback its origin is a mystery. At two-and-a-half miles (four kilometers) long the massive geoglyph accurately depicts Aboriginal hunters using sticks as weapons. Investigation of the lines showed how it was created by a tractor plow.

Now for the weird part. No one claims authorship of the geoglyph. The lead suspect died without claiming it as his. An anonymous press release used American terminology but it is undecided if the press release is a clue or a false flag meant to through investigators off track. Later, an anonymous fax from an English hotel revealed a location of a plaque buried underneath the geoglyph. The fax and plaque indicated that this was to be dug up by Americans during the 2000 Summer Olympic Games.

At first local government officials and Aborigine organizations were very upset. The Marree Man was called environmental vandalism and disrespectful to Aborigines. An investigation was launched to find out who made it but the case went cold.

Today the geoglyph is fading back into the earth (view it in Google Maps). There is no effort to save the geoglyph. It suddenly appeared and now is slowly disappearing.

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