Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ninty Years since the End of the War to End All Wars

For World War I maps see the 2006 post. For Catholicgauze's salute to veterans see the 2007 post.

At 11:11 am the Great War ended. Twenty million had died since 1914. It was suppose to be the War to End all Wars: never again, if you will.

This day is set aside to honor those who died in the war and all veterans in general. Let us remember them always in our souls and our heads.

Coming Anarchy links to a BBC interactive map containing videos about some of the larger battles.

Those who fought in the Great War ended the Classical Age of Europe and started the Modern era. Their struggle help make what Europe what it is today. Their sacrifice, along with those who fought against fascists, campaigned against the Communists, and supported human rights world wide are our heroes. Below are their depressingly wonderful works on the face of Europe.

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