Thursday, July 17, 2008

Learn Geography with

Matt over at Geography at About has renovated and revitalized his free thirteen-week e-mail geography course. For anyone who wants to know the basics of geography this is a very good starting point. Home schoolers and parents should take special note.

Meanwhile Catholicgauze's online course would consist of Introduction to World Regions, Basic Overview of Physical Geography, Why Cultural Geography Matters, Learn Geography Before You Make Your Stupid Maps!, Catholicgauze's Grand Geopolitical Theories, How to Send Stuff to Catholicgauze while he is in Iraq, and last but not least Why Catholicgauze deserves an honorary Ph.D (because bad geo professors have the real thing).

That is why Catholicgauze will never have an online class (I was kept in check when I taught in person).

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Matt said...

Thank you! I would love to take all of the last four courses you mention as they never seemed to be part of my grad school curriculum but are definitely necessary. Good luck on your honorary Ph.D. candidacy!