Friday, November 17, 2006

National Geographic knows Neogeography

Very Spatial just published one o.f their most interesting podcasts ever (congratulations!). In the Geography Awareness Week - Day 4 they interview Kathleen Ridgely about National Geographic's effort to integrate new media in a very old media organization.

Ridgely gives examples on how National Geographic is using technology to increase immersion into their adventures. Examples like extending photo galleries, podcasts about field research, and the famous Africa Cam are just a few of the interesting morals to savor. Enjoy!


Barbarosa said...

I don't get your title.

Catholicgauze said...

Well, if you mean you do not understand "Neogeography," then the word in question is the use of "new media" like internet, blogs, web tools, etc. to do geographical work.

If you do not understand "Catholicgauze" then you have to take a number. Only a very few select know the meaning behind that. ;)