Friday, November 03, 2006

Geographic Travels to Hell on Earth

Imagine Geographic Travels with Catholicgauze!, minus Catholicgauze, and add all the places which can be best described as the worst places in the world. What do you get? Why, the Worst Places In The World, of course!

Worst Places in the World is a blog which, while rarely updated, clearly believes in quality over quantity. The blog takes a look at disastrous areas combining remote sensing, encyclopedic knowledge, and a healthy does of geographic thought. Whether it be uranium mining which makes water green can Navajos sick or warlords killing each other and anyone in between, this blog has it. Logical categories help one to navigate to various bad things on the earth. The blog is an excellent source for would-be hazard geographers.

And one a double plus note for the blog, its article on Venezuela's willful destruction of the Imataca Rainforest Preserve ("liberated by Chavez for the good of the people") backs up what I said yesterday on how nationalization of recourses by Latin America is a bad thing not only for businesses but also the environment.

Hat tip: Great Map

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