About Me

Nom de guerre: Catholicgauze
Current Location:  Back in the United States!
Profession:  Geographer
Education:  Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts both in Geography
Contact: Catholicgauze AT gmail DOT com

Brief Biography:  One of the first memories I have is of my mother taking my fingers over our three-dimensional globe.  As I felt places like Australia or Colombia she would say things like "This is where the kangaroos hop," and "This is where mommy's coffee grows."  From that day on I loved maps, atlases, and geography.

I have been blessed to have a loving and supporting family and friends, attend two great schools for geography, intern at National Geographic, and apply my geographic skills in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Select Publications and Presentations
Portraying the Overland Other: Representations of Plains Indians along the Oregon Trail - My book on the different types of monuments of American Indians along the Oregon Trail

Geography of Religious Wars - Association of American Geographers annual convention 2010
Why We Need Geographic Literacy -  Kansas City Star 2009
United Caliphates of Europe - A look at how ethnic ghettoization is being exploited by Islamic radicals in Europe - Association of American Geographers annual convention 2007.

I Bet You Did Not Know...
I am a fan of the golden age of PC games (1995~2000).  My favorite genre is adventure games like The Last Express, Gabriel Knight series, and Grim Fandango.  Other favorites include Civilization II, Age of Rifles, Fallout, Oregon Trail II, and Morrowind.

Supported Charities that Make a Better World
Catholic Relief Services
The Church in Need