Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day


If you are one of my American readers stop reading and go vote...

I think we got rid of them. I already voted absentee and will spend the election evening with friends of all political stripes at a politics-forbidden dinner reception. I hope to have a blog post on the elections sometime Wednesday.

Usually the party in charge during a second term midterm election loses big. Can Bush buck the trend and prove he is a political genius or will Tuesday be Howard Dean's day? Will TDAXP's South Dakota become the medical marijuana smoking, abortion-free state where juries could be sued for making the "wrong" decision? Will the Catholic, pro-life, anti-gun control candidate beat the Catholic, pro-life, anti-gun control candidate (hey, wait a minute!)? All this and more will be made know sometime very soon.

Barring; of course, a repeat of Florida in 2000...

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