Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Virtually Traveling the World with Flickrvision

It was only a matter of time. Dave Troy has created a mashup which combines Google Earth and the photo sharing site Flickr. Flickrvision searches for recently uploaded pictures and maps them real-time.

By viewing the images displayed on Flickrvision one gets a window into the geography of ordinary places. Many photos are of daily life, daily encounters, and daily places. These daily places are a rich spice which are often ignored by those who come seeking grandiose visions. Even though these places may seem ordinary to some, they are always original and new if one has never seen them before.

Because Flickr has content guidelines no one is suppose to post pornography or copyright images. I have not seen any so far but there is also a slight risk.

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Nygdan said...

There's something really fascinating about it. What a great concept. I know that Google Earth already syncs with a photo upload site, but this is interesting too.