Sunday, May 13, 2007

One of the Best Historical Maps I have Ever Seen

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Map from "New Worlds - Maps from the Age of Discovery"

"Angling in Troubled Waters" by cartographer Fred W. Rose is an excellent map from 1899 which depicts the upheaval and delicate geopolitical situation of late imperial Europe.

Each country is filled with people or events which occurred in them. Some of the countries are fishing and their "catches" are in fact colonial possessions. Notable things on the map are
  • France - The Third Republic at this time was showing its many flaws. With an easy method of removing prime ministers and presidents, radicalization of all sides, and lack of separation of powers, political fights became intense. The image depicts fighting between the civil and military spheres for control of internal politics
  • Spain - With the loss of the Spanish-American War, many Spaniards became discontent with the monarchy and leaders who oversaw the disastrous war.
  • Norway and Sweden - The union of the two kingdoms was coming apart and there were fears of violence. Thankful that was not to be.
  • Denmark - Was quiet in Europe. The main event was the birth of new members of the royal family.
  • Italy - Unified Italy is burdened by massive debt.
  • Austria-Hungary - Mourns the assassination of Empress Elisabeth by an anarchist.
  • Russia - Offering peace with an olive branch but many still fear the weapons it holds.
  • Turkey - Is stained with the genocides in Armenia and Bulgaria. Greece is pointing out its desire for Crete.
  • Belgium - Its catch of Congo is quite a prize but is also a burden.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a great map worth?


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