Monday, August 25, 2014

The United Kingdom would be the Poorest State Besides Mississippi if it Joined the United States, Kind of Sort of

The British Spectator magazine has an interesting article which claims the United Kingdom would be the second poorest state in the union (with Mississippi being the poorest).  The author uses gross domestic product per capita and purchasing power parity to back up this claim.

So is this claim true?  By its own system: yes.  However, this is where lies, dang lies, and statistics come to haunt us.  Under this system Alaska and Wyoming come out as the richest states in the union?  Why, because there are less people in the state, cost of living is relatively low, and there are a few very rich people there which skew the average.  While the theory is true with GDP and PPP, ask yourself, is Wyoming better off economically than the United Kingdom.  The BBC could probably hold a Doctor Who fundraiser and buy out both these two states.

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